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Congratulation the H.. 2012-03-23
Hangzhou Jinli photoelectric technology Co., LTD located in hangzhou yuhang high-tech industrial park.The company is professional in optical design and optoelectronic products design.
It relies on the advanced optical technology, rich experience in optical design,rigorous and harsh attitude towards work, providing various types of lens design, LED and metal-halide lamp lighting system design, the whole light machine design and optical module ordering service to clients.
The part of lens can customize various photography, microscopy, measuring, monitor, projection,the fixed and zoom lens.
The part of lighting system have further research in street lamp optical systems,auto lamp optical systems and any other various kinds of interior lighting systems.  It also provide design and customize service to clients.

First, the range of lens design service.
Use:measuring, projection, photography, laser,monitor, military.
Spectrum:narrow-band, optical achromatism, the visible recovery away, near-infrared purple  apochromatism.
The range of focal length: all areas of the fixed and zoom lens.
Second, the range of lighting design service.
Use: street light,car light, photography light, camera light,flash light, signal light, landscape light and so on.
Light source t: LED, halogen light,HID,UHP, high-pressure sodium light, metal halide light and any other illuminant.

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